The Sarah Naismith

Sarah Naismith (12th April 1978 - 3rd December 2003) was a notable American artist/writer and wife of the renegade clone, Richard Naismith (she was unaware of his true identity for the duration of their marriage). She died from a bullet to the head.

Early LifeEdit

Sarah Vivian James was born in Chicago to middle-class parents who encouraged her with her painting ability. She was granted an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, which became an instant success. Within a year and a half she was international and had become a millionaire. Unbeknowst to the public, she had been working on a collection of prose, entitled The Peace Storms, which was published posthumously. She has confessed to being an ex-nymphomaniac, losing her virginity at the age of 14. Whether or not this is related to her recessive gene synonymous to herpes is unlikely.

Meeting Richard NaismithEdit

Sarah met Richard Naismith at her exhibition at El Prado, Spain. Their connection was instaneous and they were reported dating less than a day later. After a period of contention with her family over Naismith (who had no records and therefore seemed instrustworthy) she married Naismith three weeks later and left for England. Together they lived in a penthouse for seven months before returning to her native North America in similar circumstances in New York City. Richard continued to steal, at a rate of two hits a week.