Morphea Nereus

Morphea Nereus, Order of Oceanus (7th August 843 BCE- ) is a female composite of human and pisces and a prolific member of the Menagerie of Fear and is the only taken spouse of the original Eight Creatures from the Gene Split: she was married to Gelanor Nereus, the former patriarch of the Nereus mafia. In addition, she is one of only two members of the criminal organization to have simultaneously been a member of another group (the other is Demetrius Wervulfis). She was once a pilgrim of the Maltese Confection of Love & Joy.

Early LifeEdit

Morphea Nereus was created alongside eight other composite organisms in 843 BCE, in Ancient Greece. This event is often referred to as the Gene Split. The following are the names of the organisms created during this time, including her:










These nine creatures roamed the ancient world for centuries, before becoming an organized group. This was the initial formation of the Menagerie. They raided and stormed cities, finding resources for a home.

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