Lord Paxvir

Aramus Nine, Chairman of the Main Board, Lord Paxvir official and Minister of the OmniRace World Frame is the current technical leader of the OmniRace Ministry and its listed affiliates. He plays a major part in the events of The London Magess onwards, although his actual identity is not discovered until three books later.

Early HistoryEdit

Born in England in 1903 (Decem Annus) to unknown parents of the proleteriat. During a flashback shown in The Copenhagen Hive, he met a girl named Molly Granston, with whom he began to see on a regular basis. She later moved to France in 1913, where she and her family were killed during a bombing. In the same flashback, he was kidnapped and conscripted into The Sapha Wars alongside James Gar-Lasidiv (a man from another universe who later joined the Ministry). During a battle under a red sky, Aramus watched a massacre from a hillside and was permanently haunted for the rest of his life.

OmniRace MinistryEdit