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Alexandra Sarah Naismith, Holy Vestul and Lady Kentauriis (23rd January 2005- alt.un) is the only child of Richard and Sarah Naismith, the wife of Xerxes Kentauriis and a trained assassin of the Menagerie of Fear. She was born in an alternate universe where her mother was never assassinated by the OmniRace Ministry.

Early LifeEdit

Naismith's father, Richard, was originally a clone of the Apprentice known as the Claw. He was created by the Menagerie in Florence as the basis point for a superhuman army, but was abandoned when it became apparent he had not inherited his host's abilities. The clone (GC-193) soon took the alias Richard Naismith and began a criminal career, which eventually led him the United States, where he met his future wife Sarah James. They were married three weeks later. Moving to New York, they lived extravagantly. Sarah became pregnant while Naismith continued to con and steal for a living. In December 2004, Sarah Vivian Naismith was shot in the head while being driven to the cinema, and died instantly. Upon a post-mortem she was revealed to be carrying a girl (Alex). In the alt.un, the assassination never occurred and Alexandra Naismith was delivered at the Beth Israel Medical Center.

Capture by the MenagerieEdit